A holiday photo aggregator.

A github project.
Scene: You are on holiday (or any other event e.g wedding) with a group of people and everyone have taken different photos. And you want to share these amongst yourselves afterwards.
Problem 1: Different people use their prefered online photo sharing sites; e.g: Picasa web albums, flickr, coppermine, photobucket, Snapfish, etc. This resolves to many different, confusing, and often lost or ignored ways to share photos.
Problem 2: Some people don't use online photo sharing.
Possible solution: To stop forcing people to change their provider, I want to create a sort of aggregator site for photo albums.On an event group page, people can add links to their 3rd party photo album.This way people can easily and quickly find each album.
  • No photos stored on my application
  • Tools to create and distribute login details to 3rd party
  • Offer suggested 3rd party tools (problem 2)
  • Link to a google group for chats, mailing list etc

First called fotogator, then renamed to snaps
Or snapgrid, fotogate, snapgate, etc.
  • Java
  • Spring
  • Spring MVC
  • Hibernate
  • Maven
  • Git
  • Jetty
  • JQuery
  • JRebel
  • Ubuntu
  • Amazon ec2
  • Firebird
  • creator & lead developer: flurdy


Created 2010


Live 0.4β
In development 0.5α


Likelihood Possibly
Development status Abandoned
Release status Mothballed
Deploy status Offline


2012-Sep-01 v0.4β deployed to
2012-Aug-06 v0.2β deployed to
2010-Aug-06 v0.2β-01 tagged
2010-Apr-09 v0.2α deployed
2009-Oct-20 v0.1α, deployed
2009-Oct-06 Added Fotogator to ideas
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