I tend to make most of my code available to others. Mostly as they are open source licensed projects, while mostly with just me involved. And some are not OS, but I choose take show people my code.

All recent projects are hosted with github. github.com/flurdy GitHub
Some projects are hosted with sourceforge. svn.sourceforge.net
A few projects are also hosted with bitbucket. bitbucket.org/flurdy Bitbucket
Some projects are in my mercurial repositories. code.flurdy.com/hg Mercurial
A few projects are in my git repositories. code.flurdy.com/git Git
Old projects are in my subversion repository. svn.flurdy.com SVN

I do contribute to some other projects, which may be on google code, codehaus, mozilla.org etc.
However not enough to warrant details, as I am mostly not a committer and more a bug reporter, documenter etc.

Creative Commons Licence