Baby Crowd Monitor

An application to monitor your baby/babies. Integrating video feeds from your baby monitor.

But to increase coverage time and enhance reaction time it can utilse crowdsourcing. You can add friends and family as co-monitors. You can enable anonymous co-monitors. And vice versa people can add you as a friend & monitor,or you can agree to anonymous monitor other people's babies.

Your main interface is then big feeds of your baby/babies. Then a few smaller feeds of your friends' & families' feeds. And then a few random anonymous feeds.

If you notice something worrying in the feeds from other people they can be alerted. Friends & families can be phoned, anonoymous can be alerted automatically via their monitoring webpage, email, sms, or perhaps an external alarm.

Via the website people can then praise your alarm, or tick you off for a false alarm. This scoring can be used to scale how many anonymous feeds you are allowed to monitor. It can be used to filter alarms or ban feed access below a certain praise level.

This project would need several modules.

  • A client feed source transponder for various inputs and differnt types of baby monitors. Sending codec compressed video to the cloud, and making high definition available locally. This is the difficult high risk module.
  • A cloud based client monitoring application.
  • A cloud based application for alarm notification.
  • A cloud based application for feed content distribution.
  • A cloud based server application.
  • A cloud based website application for information.

This will of course never replace direct baby monitoring by the parent, People should not reply on only others to monitor and not do it themselves at anytime. This is only as an enhancement.


Created 2012


Appeal Low
Complexity Difficult
Likelihood Unlikely


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