grid is a style layout, common utility tools,
but mostly a hosting environment for my applications.
(ps. my grid has nothing to do with grid computing)

project url version source status comment
sorting office 1.0β online Manage mail server databases
gift registry 0.1α offline Plan & record presents given and received
contractCalc 0.1β online Useful for those considering contracting
whoto 1.0 offline Who are your friends spouses and kids
wishlist 7.7.1β online live 7.8α online testing
valuta 0.1α offline very handy!
but in need of auto update currency exchanges
snaps 0.4β online Very handy photo album aggregator 0.5α offline testing
passhash 2.0αlpha offline scaffolding
1.0βeta offline handy but not yet scaleable
mailgrid 1.1 offline powerful but buggy
svnadmin offline handy but buggy
jokeGrid offline scaffolding offline
upTo offline barely started
FotoGator 0.1α offline rename Snaps
GolfGrid ofline barely started
ShopGrid 0.0.1α online Useful but basic offline Scaffold
grid wicket n/a 0.1α n/a common wicket app
grid parent n/a 1.0α n/a common maven parent
tabsearch online live version of search aggregator
Creative Commons Licence