Drone Hawk

The anti drone defence. A business venture of software and hardware.

  • Detect drone
  • Identity and tag drones
  • Track drones
  • Jam drones
  • Patrol zones
  • Intercept drones
  • Down and capture drones
  • Destroy drones
  • Assist border patrol
  • Prevent illegal smuggling across borders, prisons, industrial espionage
  • Protect events
  • Protect people
  • Protect property
  • Protect the peace

Surface to air launchers of paint, projectiles or efficient nets

Air to air launches

Air based fans for unaggressive deterrent

Nets with parachutes to capture and down drones

Detection with scanners for visual and transition signals. As well as air based drone mesh to act as detection perimeter cages.


Appeal Keen
Complexity Difficult
Likelihood Possibly



2015-Feb-25 Added Drone Hawk to ideas
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