Sponsorship and donations to the development of this project is very much appreciated.

As a personal donation of a few quid, or corporate sponsorship, they are all welcome.

Any contributor has the option of becoming an official backer of the project.

Large enough corporate sponsorship may become main sponsor of the project.

Thank you for your contribution.

Project details

Project Letterbox
License Proprietary
Live site letterbox.tech
Contact details flurdy.com/contact

Sponsor method

Patreon patreon.com/flurdy
Bitcoin address 1NUbsHd25oeZSUhwaPdCQj9cBHVwxhhhn7
Ethereum address 0xB72baA7AA3C8E7bF184cF13EbE0cd4BC0192B2a0
Other alternatives flurdy.com/contact

Send a message

If you contribute, please also send a separate message to keep track (and thanks) of which contributor gave what. Dont be shy. Otherwise some contributions I have unforunately not noticed until much later, which I feel very embarrassed about.

Help or join

If in addition or instead you want to assist the project directly then that is very appreciated as well.

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